Bodypainting is one of the oldest art forms known to man, but the latest twist on ancient tradition is anything but a history lesson!

   We can provide bodypainted models for your event and be as wild or as tame as your clients require. Besides the usual living statues and bodypainted human decoration, we can provide bodypainted dancers, snake handlers, magicians, acrobats, fire acts, even naked caterers!

  Our work has been featured on E! Hollywood's 12 sexiest jobs, and our painted models have been seen at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas, and other top venues.

   Think you would like to see some bodypaint at your event, but not sure just how to use it? Give us a call or request a quote, and we'll be glad to give you suggestions to make your event EXTRA memorable! For more photos of Rich's bodypaint art, adults are encouraged to see Second Skin Images.


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